Charlie Leese % Champions Near and Far


🔓 8.13.2017 % 3-6pm

🔒 9.17.2017 % 4-6pm

14% Localism, Nationalism, and the capitalization of the 'Summer of Love'

11% Kumbaya communion

12% Monolithic Bernini and Elfman paradise

15% Horace Clifford Westermann stewing in Kienholz realism

13% Horna with potholes in atmospheric vexation

11% town, towns, Townes

14% Mainstream emoji

9% Baroque blood pool

1% to equal 100

Charlie Leese studied sculpture at the Rhode Island School of Design (BFA, 2008), he has been exhibited in New York City, NY, Providence, RI, and San Francisco CA. In 2012, Charlie co-founded Hunt Projects (private artist studios with shared wood/metal shops). This year he co-founded CLOACA, a project space in San Francisco showcasing contemporary art in an experimental setting.

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