Andre Filipek % Modern Family


🔓 Saturday, 9.23.2017, 6-9pm

🔒 Sunday, 11.5.2017, 4-6pm

23% Market tablecloths
20% "Passing"
19% Passing-through. 
17% galletas Emperador 
11% Accents on TV
7% My mom in the 90s 
3% Saffron

Andre Filipek (b. 1992 Lagunitas, CA) is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Recent exhibitions include Produce Model (Chicago), Wreath (Atlanta), Amor (Mexico City) and Yeah Maybe (Minneapolis), False Front (Portland), and Stadelschule (Frankfurt Am-Main). Modern Family will be his first solo exhibition in San Francisco. 

Andre Filipek's work is driven by hyper-specific reference materials from various points in Mexican and Latin-American history that are taken apart and reassembled as touch points for understanding his own cultural positionality. Modern Family disperses visages of Latinidad in studies of Eurocentric dominance that looms over our presence in quotidian Western culture and media. 


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