25% Charlie Leese's "stumps" are sculptures which toe the line between public art and public utility. They have no utilitarian function but masquerade as objects which could.

25% Each stump is an amalgamation of forms that resemble something like a fire hydrant, a bike rack, or an electrical box. Their vivid colors, in sparkling powder coating, stand out anywhere. But their mysterious shapes negate any context, camouflaging the work in urban environments.

25% Leese's first stump was originally installed at 💯  and was subsequently installed on Howard Street, adjacent to SFMOMA in San Francisco. The sculpture was installed without public or private consent. There has been no controversy or attempts to remove it, although it has been intermittently used by messengers to chain bicycles. Like many contemporary sculptors, Leese is intrigued by the uncanny and the nature of objecthood. But these public artworks do not fully "blend in" or "stand out."

25% Leese has fabricated 3 new stumps which will be installed throughout the Palace of Fine Arts for UNTITLED San Francisco.


🙏🙏 Special thanks to Juana Berrio and the fantastic team at UNTITLED.

Please 📝 info@100percent.gallery for inquiries.



Charlie Leese studied sculpture at the Rhode Island School of Design (BFA, 2008). He has exhibited at various venues in New York, Providence, RI, and San Francisco. He most recently exhibited at 💯  this last September. In 2012, Charlie co-founded Hunt Projects, a complex of shared wood and metal shops for local artists. In 2017 he co-founded CLOACA, a project space in San Francisco showcasing contemporary art in an experimental setting.

Charlie Leese % Stumps

@ UNTITLED San Francisco